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Acquire the skills and knowledge to comply effectively with GDPR regulations
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GDPR course

Data protection regulations manages how businesses use personal information, how it can be collected, and for how long it can be retained.  The new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are in effect and we all need to be fully compliant.

This course will help you understand the requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation, how those rules are relevant for businesses and employees’ responsibilities for protecting personal information. 

Are you doing everything you should to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations? If you don't know, you need our General Data Protection Regulation application!

higher scores for gamified eLearning participants over skill based knowledge assessments
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Know how to protect the personal data of individuals


Interactive & immersive

As well as quizzes, we use scenarios and simulations in our mini-games to create a deeper learning experience that keeps players engaged for longer than traditional eLearning

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Cost effective

We save you money by eliminating the need for materials, on-site facilitators, and resources by keeping everything online. And because it’s easy to access, a larger number of students and employees can participate in the training.

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Self paced

Players progress at their own pace, completing the course around their busy schedules

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High scores and leaderboards

Competition is one of the best motivators for learning. By including leaderboards in our courses, we encourage friendly competition and provide players with a sense of achievement.