Compliance training, the next gen...

Compliance training, the next gen...

Following on from an article in Wired and our twitter post earlier this week, the news of a new PlayStation and the increase in the development of virtual reality for these consoles led us to wonder will there ever be compliance training on consoles?

At E3, we are believers in allowing compliance training to be accessed on the go. There are positives for both the company who needs to supply the training and the employee taking it, so we'll always advocate this approach.

It's this exact line of thought that led to the development of an app based game initially launched on mobile with an anti money laundering course but through demand, has been expanded to cover a wide variety of other courses.

Console gaming has had its ups and downs but it is a vibrant industry that continues to both develop and innovate the technology we use and ultimately shape a segment of our social interactions through the advent of multiplayer gaming and MMO’s such as World or Warcraft.

However, even with the increase in popularity of console gaming there has been little use as a professional platform for work based activities and we wonder why this is? Perhaps it is the lack of business apps on the platforms or the perception that consoles are not suitable for business use? Has this limited consoles to be used by "hip" organisations in their games rooms to compete with air hockey?

But console technology open up a new way for business users to interact with business concepts. Imagine a simulation of a cyber attack on a company that looks more like Call of Duty than a power point presentation? Well done, it would be far more engaging and much more effective at allowing people to understand the underlying concepts and how often complex factors interact.

So will consoles be used for professional courses? Almost certainly but we do not expect it to be the dominant technology anytime soon.

Read the full Wired article here.