Preparing for the big E3 demo

Preparing for the big E3 demo

We’re excited to be taking the E3 virtual reality demo to Amsterdam for a private event with a multinational engineering company. This isn’t a blog post to boast our prowess but to discover what goes in to exhibiting at an event like this.

Our invite to present at this internal meeting for the Legal and Compliance teams came following interest in our approach to compliance training at previous event. When we were invited to demo at a world leading engineering firm in Amsterdam by the Director of Innovation, we couldn’t say no!

We find that when people see our approach, they get excited at how we have made often boring subjects, both fun and engaging. So we see that events and conferences are a real platform for us to showcase our platform and the real pride we have in our products and aftercare. These events need people from different areas to work together to produce a well oiled machine on the day. In that way we look to shatter the common misconception that compliance has to be boring.


If you want to hear or see more about the types of compliance courses we offer that utilise the sentiment of making compliance courses fun get a free trial today.