Dave's gaming inspiration

Dave's gaming inspiration

Many games are mocked for their weak storylines and wooden acting (Resident Evil anyone?) but the powerful and emotional journey you take in ‘The Last of Us’ is one of the main reasons I choose it as my favourite game.

Set 20 years after a fungal outbreak decimates humanity, turning the infected into savage killers, you play as Joel, a man who lost everything suddenly burdened with transporting a young girl, Ellie, who is immune to the infection and may be the key to finding a cure.

It’s a responsibility he doesn’t want that soon becomes his reason to keep fighting, to keep living. It is a solid stealth/shooter that elevates above it’s peers with a brutal and often harrowing portrayal of the darkest side of man.

I can’t wait to play the recently announced ‘The Last of Us 2’.


Posted by Dave Allsopp. Development & Support