Financial Services: Meet Paul

Financial Services: Meet Paul

Paul has been working alongside the E3 team since the end of last year and taken the lead with out financial services clients. Paul comes from an FX background and began trading back in 1984. We spoke to Paul, professional and personal to find out a little bit more about what he's been up to over the past few months.

Hi Paul, so tell us a little bit about your professional life?
For the past 35 years I have worked in the FX industry.  I began as a trader in 1984 knowing nothing about the industry, hopefully I've learnt a few things along the way.  
Over the years I have worked for many brokers and banks and held a number of board level positions.
Before that I was a police officer for a couple of years during the miners strike (turns out I am not well suited to arresting people.). I am also a trained plumber.

Wow, that's impressive, and what do you like most about your 'working life?'
I get the most satisfaction out of helping the careers of the younger generation and trying to use my experience to make the industry a better place.

You're originally from Kent, and you've found yourself living in a fairly remote part of Sunny Scotland?
I am so fortunate to live in this amazing country with friendly people and incredible scenery. I have Scottish blood from my Mothers side of the family and I my beautiful wife Ailsa is from the Isle of Skye.

I have been very lucky to have travelled around the world with work but I always knew I would live out my days in Scotland, it was just a case of when.

That sounds idyllic, we'd love to hear some more about what you get up to in Scotland?

I love all things outdoors particularly hillwalking and can't sit still for longer than five minutes!  I used to play drums professionally in my late teens and early twenties and love music.  My family are close by so we try to spent lots of time together, my fabulous and incredibly tolerant wife, Ailsa who I met when I lived on the Isle of Skye and my 2 children David and Rachael. Rachael is a university lecturer in Aberdeen and David is training to be an HGV driver.

We also heard rumours that you're a professional Brownie maker?
Well, my wife is the real professional, she runs a successful Gourmet Brownie and Hot Chocolate business and I have now become her apprentice in my spare time.
She is a Cordon Blue trained patissierre and so I have a way to go and she is a really demanding boss!

Lastly, we've all been 'locked down' for many months, so - If you could jet off on a plane and go anywhere right now, where would you go?
Honestly, I have  no desire to get on a plane these days - although I have travelled a great deal I hate flying and prefer terra firma - If you twisted my arm I would have to say New Zealand which is basically Scotland on the other side of the world.

Have you met Paul yet?  You can reach him on if you need any friendly advice on compliance/training within your Financial Services organisation