Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal awarded to Steve Brett

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal awarded to Steve Brett

Last Friday, Steve Brett, co-founder of E3 Compliance Training proudly received his Queen's Platinum Jubilee Medal through his work as an operational member of Mountain Rescue. These medals are a recognition of the work done by a wide range of emergency responders in the UK such as the Police, Ambulance, Coastguard and RNLI.

Steve has spent 15 years training and responding with the team.  He took breaks when he was either living or working away from the Peak District but even then he was often getting involved as an awkward casualty.

Over the years Steve has responded to a wide range of taskings, from searching Kielder forest after Lockerbie, rescuing people who have broken bones after a falls at Dovedale to helping people during the Cumbrian floods. 

Steve said: "It’s great to be able to help people in their moment of need and to make a real difference to their day. It's a good feeling coming home after a shout."

Steve acknowledges that there are hard jobs when faced with uncertainty on the hills but that is when having a great team around you is essential. He wants to thank all of the Mountain Rescue people whom he would trust to go over an edge 'just because they say it’s good,' to the people who have asked if I am OK after a bad job and to those who have dropped everything to help out.

Steve's on-going request to anyone who goes into the hills is please take a (paper) map and know how to use it! Even if you use a map on your phone. Get OS Locate on your (fully charged) phone so you can give us a grid reference. Buy a mountain shelter (eg a Terra Nova Bothy) and never be too proud to turn back.

Mountain Rescue teams are there to help you if you need help - just dial 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue and they will tip out.

queens platinum jubilee medal awarded to mountain rescue teams