Anti-Bribery and Corruption

This course will help your employees understand their obligations with the requirements of The Anti-Bribery Act 2010.

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Anti-bribery refers to the set of measures and practices put in place to prevent, detect, and deter bribery in any form. Bribery is the act of giving, offering or receiving something of value in exchange for influence or action that is dishonest, illegal, or a violation of trust. It is a critical aspect of business practices in the UK. The UK Bribery Act, which came into force in 2011, is a comprehensive piece of legislation that criminalises both domestic and foreign bribery.

The law prohibits individuals and companies from giving, requesting, or receiving bribes, and it applies to all individuals and organisations operating within the UK, including foreign companies with a UK presence.

It is important for organisations to be aware of the UK Bribery Act and the risks associated with non-compliance. Breaching the law’s can lead to severe legal, financial, and reputational consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and disqualification from public contracts.

To prevent such risks, companies should implement an effective anti-bribery program. This can include a set of policies, procedures, and controls that a company implements to prevent, detect, and respond to bribery. It should include training for employees on anti-bribery policies and procedures, due diligence processes for third-party relationships, and reporting mechanisms for suspected or actual incidents of bribery.

Anti-bribery measures are necessary to ensure that individuals and companies act ethically and transparently. They help to prevent and detect corrupt practices, protect the integrity of institutions, and promote fair competition in business. By implementing effective anti-bribery practices, companies can protect themselves from legal, financial, and reputational risks, and demonstrate their commitment to ethical business practices.

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