anti-money laundering

Anti Money laundering training, gamified

Learn how to detect and prevent money laundering
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anti-money laundering

Anti Money laundering course

This course provides staff working in financial services companies with an understanding of the process of money laundering, the laws and regulations that make it illegal and the responsibilities of employees to help detect and prevent it.

Tackling money laundering is essential in our fight against financial crime and terrorist financing. Each year billions of illicit funds are being laundered by drug barons, terrorists and arms traffickers around the world. 

How good is your money laundering radar? Can you spot the red flags? Then prove it with our AML game! 

Anti Money laundering benefits

This course will help your company develop skills to spot and prevent money laundering

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Learners can access our courses from anywhere and at any time. This flexibility means that users can learn any time of day, whenever it’s most convenient for them - something that traditional, in-office, learning can’t compete with.


Interactive & immersive

As well as quizzes, we use scenarios and simulations in our mini-games to create a deeper learning experience that keeps players engaged for longer than traditional eLearning

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Mutli platform

Our training courses are available as native apps for Apple iPhone and iPad and Android devices. Also available for Microsoft Windows and a WebGL/HTML5 browser edition

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Cost effective

We save you money by eliminating the need for materials, on-site facilitators, and resources by keeping everything online. And because it’s easy to access, a larger number of students and employees can participate in the training.

Did you know?

higher scores for gamified eLearning participants over skill based knowledge assessments
Minigame is included
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