FCA Compliance Overview

This course teaches you the basic principals of what the FCA requires for you to be compliant.

Additional courses are available which go into the finer detail which may be required by the FCA to consider your company to have sufficiently trained all staff in the required compliance.

This course is aimed at all staff so they are aware of the requirements of all departments in an organisation, and in what areas the FCA requires the organisation, as a whole, to be trained.

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Data protection regulations manages how businesses use personal information, how it can be collected, and for how long it can be retained.  The new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are in effect and we all need to be fully compliant.

This course will help you understand the requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation, how those rules are relevant for businesses and employees’ responsibilities for protecting personal information. 

Are you doing everything you should to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations? If you don't know, you need our General Data Protection Regulation application!

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Treating Customers Fairly

The FCA is increasing its pressure on all firms (including small firms) to improve the way they treat customers and to be able to prove that they are treating customers fairly.

This training course will help you understand your obligations and requirements under the TCF regulations.

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