Conduct in the workplace

Our “Conduct in the Workplace” course offers a deep understanding of workplace behaviour, highlighting the significance of good conduct for fostering positive relationships, a healthy work environment, and effective teamwork, while also exploring the consequences of inappropriate actions to encourage better choices and prevent harm to professional reputation and relationships.

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Course running time is 25 Minutes

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Course Summary

The benefits of good conduct in the way you treat others at work are simple:

Colleagues feel happier and, most importantly, safe. Safe to be who they are. Safe that their boundaries are respected, and safe to air their opinions and contribute to discussion without fear of reprimand or ridicule. This in turn creates a strong workplace culture where everyone feels part of the same team.

On the flip side, the implications of bad conduct towards others can be widespread, traumatic and long-lasting.

This course covers the different types of inappropriate behaviour, such as harassment and bullying, that can occur intentionally, unintentionally and even unknowingly to the perpetrator, along with what to do if you are a victim or witness of such behaviour.

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