Criminal Finances Act 2017

In today’s increasingly complex financial landscape, organisations must proactively safeguard themselves against the deliberate facilitation of tax evasion by associated individuals. The Criminal Finances Act 2017, is a pivotal legislation that imposes accountability on relevant bodies that fail to prevent such illicit activities.

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Course Summary

We have refreshed and updated our training on the Criminal Finances Act 2017 to ensure the material is still relevant.  The videos have been re-shot and now feature on-screen information to help reinforce the most important points, as well as refreshing the accompanying question set. The course takes an in-depth look at the provisions outlined in the Criminal Finances Act 2017. We provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to understand your obligations, build effective preventive measures, and mitigate the risk of tax evasion within your organisation.

Key Feature: Holding Relevant Bodies Accountable

Under the Criminal Finances Act 2017, relevant bodies will be held to account if they fail to prevent the deliberate and dishonest facilitation of tax evasion by an associated person. This landmark provision compels organisations to take active steps in combating tax evasion, ensuring that they are not complicit in any illegal activities.

Our e-learning compliance course thoroughly explores the implications and consequences of this key provision. Through interactive modules and real-life case studies, we guide you on how to establish robust defences against tax evasion facilitation, protecting your organisation’s reputation and integrity.

Understanding Associated Persons:

One crucial aspect covered in our course is the concept of associated persons. An associated person refers to anyone who performs services on behalf of a relevant body, including employees, agents, contractors, or business partners. The course provides comprehensive insights into identifying associated persons and understanding their role in potential tax evasion facilitation.

Implementing Preventive Measures:

Our course equips you with practical strategies and best practices to prevent tax evasion facilitation by associated persons. By developing effective risk assessment frameworks, implementing robust due diligence procedures, and fostering a culture of compliance, you can minimise the risk of illegal activities within your organisation.

Mitigating Liability and Consequences:

We delve into the potential liabilities and consequences faced by relevant bodies in case of non-compliance with the Criminal Finances Act 2017. Through expert guidance and real-world scenarios, we help you navigate the complex legal landscape, enabling you to implement appropriate policies and controls to protect your organisation from reputational damage, financial penalties, and legal repercussions.

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