FCA Compliance Overview

This course teaches you the basic principles of what the FCA requires for you to be compliant. This course is aimed at all staff, so they are aware of the requirements of all departments in an organisation, and in what areas the FCA requires the organisation, as a whole, to be trained.

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Course running time is 27 Minutes

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Course Summary

In this course, you will delve into the intricate world of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to equip you with a solid understanding of its role, objectives, handbook, and the vital concept of FCA authorisation.

Throughout the course, you will explore the fundamental aspects of the FCA, enabling you to grasp its significance within the financial services industry. You will gain invaluable insights into the role it plays as the UK’s regulatory body, ensuring the integrity, stability, and protection of consumers in financial markets.

Our expert instructors guide you through a comprehensive examination of the FCAs objectives, shedding light on its core mission and the principles that underpin its regulatory approach. By studying these objectives, you will develop a deep appreciation for the FCA’s commitment to maintaining market confidence, promoting competition, and protecting consumers.

Furthermore, we navigate the intricacies of the FCA handbook, which serves as the central resource for regulatory guidance and compliance. You will learn how to effectively navigate and interpret the handbook, enabling you to stay up to date with the latest regulatory requirements and best practices.

You will also delve into the crucial concept of FCA authorisation, elucidating the process and requirements for obtaining the necessary permissions to operate within the regulated financial sector. By understanding the intricacies of FCA authorisation, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate this critical aspect of compliance.

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