Financial Promotions

Our course can help you understand the requirements of a compliant financial promotion. You will learn how the FCAs principles for businesses apply, how information needs to be balanced fairly and clearly and how to avoid prohibited words and phrases. You will gain an understanding of the two defined types of financial promotion – real-time and non-real-time and the associated risks and misconceptions of using social media for financial promotions.

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Course running time is 23 Minutes

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Course Summary

Our comprehensive Financial Promotions Course, is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of the crucial aspects related to financial promotions and compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations.

This course begins by introducing you to the FCA rules, ensuring you have a solid foundation in understanding the regulatory framework governing financial promotions. You will explore the key guidelines and principles set forth by the FCA and gain insights into how these rules impact financial promotions in various sectors.

Building upon this knowledge, we delve into the potential issues that can arise when creating and disseminating financial promotions. By examining real-life case studies and industry examples, you will develop an awareness of the common pitfalls and challenges faced by financial institutions, enabling you to proactively mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Understanding the consequences of breaching regulations is paramount in the financial industry. Our course explores the potential legal, reputational, and financial implications of non-compliance, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively.

We demystify the acronym COBS (Conduct of Business Sourcebook), a vital resource for understanding the FCA’s expectations regarding financial promotions. Through practical exercises and interactive modules, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of COBS and its application in your day-to-day operations.

The course also delves into the critical role of financial promotions within business models. You will learn how to align financial promotions with your business objectives while maintaining compliance and effectively communicating your offerings to the target audience.

Furthermore, we provide an in-depth exploration of the CAP (Committee of Advertising Practice) code and its relevance to financial promotions. You will discover the principles and guidelines set by CAP to ensure fair and responsible advertising in the financial industry.

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