Fraud training

Learn the policies and procedures that can help mitigate the risks of fraudulent activity.
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Fraud course

Fraud costs the UK an estimated £190 Billion annually, so it is important to be able to detect, identify and mitigate fraud to protect both your clients and your firm. 

Our Fraud course covers the three general circumstances that can lead to employees committing internal fraud – motivation, opportunity and rationalisation, and some common warning signs to look out for. It covers the types of internal fraud, such as accounting and kickbacks, and external fraud such as identity theft and the use of social engineering. 

Finally, this course also covers the policies and procedures that can help mitigate the risks, and how employees can respond if they identify or suspect fraudulent activity.

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Interactive & immersive

As well as quizzes, we use scenarios and simulations in our mini-games to create a deeper learning experience that keeps players engaged for longer than traditional eLearning

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Easy to use

Our courses are easy to access, navigate, to complete and see the results.

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Multi platform

Our training courses are available as native apps for Apple iPhone and iPad and Android devices as well as an HTML5 browser edition

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Learners can access our courses from anywhere and at any time. This flexibility means that users can learn any time of day, whenever it’s most convenient for them - something that traditional, in-office, learning can’t compete with.