Information Security

Failure to apply robust information security procedures can leave your firm, employees and clients exposed to serious risks. This course will help you protect confidential information from unauthorised disclosure and ensure it is trustworthy, accurate and reliable to access. You will learn best practices, and how to be alert and respond to ongoing attempted or potential information security incidents.

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Course running time is 22 Minutes

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Course Summary

Our information security course covers various important aspects of safeguarding data and maintaining a secure environment. The course begins by emphasising the responsibilities and legal implications associated with handling confidential information. It then delves into topics such as data sharing protocols, encryption techniques, secure file transfer, access control mechanisms, and incident response procedures.

Password security is highlighted, with an emphasis on best practices for creating strong passwords, regularly updating them, and avoiding password sharing. The course also addresses remote working security concerns, including the risks of using personal email accounts for work-related communication and strategies for maintaining privacy in public settings.

Notification and reporting obligations are discussed, focusing on the legal requirements for reporting security incidents and the steps involved in incident documentation, escalation, and external reporting. Additionally, the course covers personal data management, such as data subject notification, record keeping practices, pseudonymisation techniques, and secure disposal of personal data.

The course also touches on other information security areas, including software vulnerabilities, hardware failures, malware threats, visitor supervision, precautions for working in public places, and disaster preparedness. Physical access control, email security, and the human element in maintaining security consciousness are also covered.

Lastly, the course provides insights into cyber security statistics, handling zip files securely, IT approval processes, intentional incidents, and the factors contributing to information security incidents. It aims to equip learners with advanced knowledge and practical skills to effectively implement information security principles and protect valuable data.

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