Market Abuse

Our course covers the rules and guidelines of the Market Abuse regime as well as the policies and procedures that should be in place, in relation to insider dealing, improper disclosure, manipulating transactions, manipulating devices, misleading behaviour and market distortion.

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Course Summary

Market abuse refers to a range of manipulative and fraudulent activities that undermine the integrity of financial markets. It involves actions that distort market prices, mislead investors, or create an unfair advantage for certain market participants. To combat such practices and ensure fair and transparent markets, regulators have implemented various rules and regulations. One of the key regulatory frameworks addressing market abuse is the Market Abuse Regulations (MAR).

The Market Abuse Regulations aim to increase market integrity and investor protection by establishing a set of rules and standards that market participants must adhere to. These regulations enhance the attractiveness of securities markets for capital raising, fostering investor confidence and promoting fair competition.

Some of the aims of the Market Abuse Regulations are:

  1. Increase Market Integrity: Market integrity is crucial for the smooth functioning of financial markets. Any form of market abuse erodes trust, distorts prices, and undermines the efficiency of markets. The Market Abuse Regulations aim to prevent and detect market manipulation, insider trading, and other abusive practices, ensuring that market prices are determined by genuine supply and demand forces. By maintaining market integrity, these regulations create a level playing field for all participants, promoting fair and efficient markets. 
  1. Enhance Investor Protection: Investor protection is a fundamental objective of financial regulation. The Market Abuse Regulations seek to safeguard investors by prohibiting abusive practices that can harm their interests. These regulations require market participants to disclose inside information promptly and fairly, ensuring that all investors have access to material information on an equal basis. By preventing market abuse, the regulations reduce the risk of investors falling victim to fraud, manipulation, or unfair practices. 
  1. Attractiveness of Securities Markets for Capital Raising: Healthy and transparent securities markets are essential for companies seeking to raise capital. By establishing a robust regulatory framework, the Market Abuse Regulations create an environment that inspires confidence among investors and encourages capital flow into securities markets. Companies benefit from increased access to capital at fair valuations, allowing them to finance their growth and expansion plans effectively.

Our compliance course on Market Abuse Regulations provides comprehensive and accessible training to individuals and organisations involved in financial services. Through this course, participants gain a deep understanding of market abuse, its various forms, and the regulatory requirements for compliance. The course is designed to ensure that participants are well-equipped to identify, prevent, and report instances of market abuse.

We cover all aspects of market abuse, including insider dealing, market manipulation, improper disclosure of inside information, and other related topics. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework, market conduct rules, and reporting obligations.

In conclusion, the Market Abuse Regulations play a crucial role in maintaining fair and transparent financial markets. By increasing market integrity and enhancing investor protection, these regulations contribute to the attractiveness of securities markets for capital raising.

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