Mental Health Awareness

Our comprehensive Mental Health Awareness course delves into the essential aspects of mental health, providing a solid foundation for understanding, recognising, and addressing mental health issues.

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Course running time is 24 Minutes

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Course Summary

Many individuals experience mental health issues in the workplace, which can impact their overall well-being, physical health, and relationships. This training course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of mental health issues, offer practical guidance and advice, and promote a positive state of mind while knowing when to seek further help.

Participants will learn to recognise signs of positive mental well-being in themselves and others, understand factors contributing to mental health issues and identify available resources and professionals for support.

Then, we will focus on stress and anxiety, exploring their definitions, causes, and effects, providing insights into the physiological and psychological aspects of these conditions, understanding the fight or flight response, and learning strategies for managing stress and anxiety effectively, while also covering different anxiety disorders.

The course provides practical techniques for managing troubling thoughts and feelings, developing mindfulness practices, and navigating difficult emotions with resilience and compassion.

You will learn to recognise signs of depression, understand when to seek professional assistance, and gain insights into treatments such as therapy options, medications, and lifestyle changes.

And finally, we will explore the complexities of imposter syndrome, providing practical self-help strategies for building confidence and embracing one’s true worth.

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Mental Health Awareness Learning Outcomes

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