Customer Success: Meet Tegan

Customer Success: Meet Tegan

At the end of September, we welcomed Tegan to the team as part of our Customer success team.

We spoke with Tegan to find out a bit more about her and her first month with E3:

“What were you doing before E3?”

Before I joined the team at E3 I’d spent the last 5 years working for a sales agency in Australia.  I had the chance to travel a lot and loved training with our new clients and suppliers.  After five years and the current climate I decided to relocate closer to family and reestablish my working career in England.  

“How has your first month been with E3?”

My first month has been brilliant, I’m learning the tech language and I found picking up the software was quite simple as it’s so user friendly.  The highlight so far has been meeting some of our customers, mostly virtually and I’m looking forward to continuing these relationships to foster success for their businesses as well as E3

“What’s been your biggest challenge this month?”

Remote working is new for me, like many, so learning to adapt to a solo office environment is different.  I've found that a brisk walk before the morning starts as well as meeting with as many people as possible on video call throughout the day are both great ways to maintain my productivity.  

“What are you most looking forward to in the final quarter of 2020?”

As well as Christmas of course, I’m looking forward to continue working with our customers to generate feedback into product development and create solutions for business growth

"Lastly, what do you get up to out of office?"

Usually you’ll find me travelling somewhere, I’m hoping to get some weekend trips to Scandinavia this Winter.  Otherwise I’m in the water wild swimming in The Lake District or attempting to surf on the south coast. 

Meet Tegan

You can contact Tegan through our help desk: