Effective Communication With The Firm

In this week’s Compliance for Law Firms session, with Steve Brett and Kate Burt, Steve lead a workshop covering the types of questions raised by the business and what strategies can be deployed to maximise the impact of the compliance team in the firm to support building the compliance culture within the constraints of the team resources.

Making Effective Use of File Audits

In our last week’s Compliance for Law Firms session with Steve Brett & Kate Burt, there was a panel discussion on the good, the bad and the ugly of file audits and approaches that different firms have taken to drive effective file audits.

Fair Treatment of Vulnerable Customers

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) estimates that 27.7 million adults in the UK are in circumstances that could make them vulnerable.

In our last week’s session for ‘Compliance for financial services’, a great topic was discussed: FCA regulations on vulnerable customers. This was led by our guest speaker Helen Pettifer, Vulnerable Customer Expert along with the hosts Steve Brett and Kate Jones

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