Digital Economies And Their Importance To Economic Growth

One of the ways we support this is that we operate a digital office where we all work in different parts of the country and we come together through meetings and our daily briefs. These interactions help to keep all in communication and steer the direction of the company.

This approach allows for our employees to be where they want, when they want and still be connected to the main hub of the company. This is the reason we have employees from Liverpool, the Peak District, Nottingham and London.

What does this actually mean for the areas that we live in and what impact do digital economies bring to these areas?

Our approach to remote working enables people to live and work in areas that would not be possible with more formal office based employment. This helps build local economies by increasing the cash available and can be a key way to helping often remote and rural areas. The impact of every pound brought into an area and spent locally can be multiplied as spend in a local shop supports local producers and tradespeople. Digital economies can be a great way to drive new economic activity.

Remote working not only drives local revenue but also helps build a diversified skill set and broader employment opportunities from local people. In many areas, the only choice for people, especially early in their careers, is to move away which hurts the development of local communities. These new jobs can help give people a new option.

The following video helps give a real sense of the importance of the growing digital economy, rural growth is just one aspect of a much larger integration of digital money into the U.K.

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