E3 in Collaboration with Trussle Mortgages

As we all know, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a hot topic and companies are not getting away with any breaches lightly.

A recent fine issued by the ICO to The Tavistock & Portman NHS foundation trust, for accidentally revealing the email addresses of patients at the adult gender identity clinic, set them back £78,400.  In the grand scheme of GDPR fines, this is quite low when considering the largest ever fine imposed by the ICO was a £20m punishment for British Airways, following a hack of customer data in 2018.

We love collaborating with companies to create bespoke content that they can utilise within their teams. By including company specifics into the training such as names, job roles and scenarios makes the training more effective, engaging and allows for longer retention of information

Rolling out mini courses such as “Breaches,” as well as annual GDPR training keeps the topic front of mind and ensures the information is up to date and remembered.  Our ability to create tailor made course content quickly has allowed our relationship with Trussle to continuously evolve as their company grows too.

Ellie Riordan, Compliance Lead at Trussle said: “I have enjoyed working with E3 as they put the bespoke course together so quickly and it was well received by the team.”

All E3 courses can be played on both mobile and desktop.  Our training is proven to hit 85-95% completion without the need for follow up as well as 1 in every 8 players re-playing at least part of their training vs. traditional compliance courses typically achieving just 30% completion across the board.

Interested in creating some bespoke content for your team?  Get in touch with us: help@e3ct.com

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