Learning styles and Gamification

Just a bit of background knowledge or a refresher, Honey and Mumford elaborated on previous work and suggested that their were four distinct styles to how people learn lets have a look how Gamification and one of our courses fits in to engage with these all at different points through the course:

Theorist: This learner wants to take the new knowledge and look at how it can interact with their previous experiences. Our mini-games are our way of engaging this way , we take your new knowledge and make you test it out in a real life scenario you maybe faced with.

Reflectors: This type of learner wants to look at how the knowledge interacts with their job and the outside world.So they can take the time to think it through we allow our game-players to come back to the course and that section so they can think about it in more detail if thats what they want to do.

Activists: This type of learner wants to get straight down to the task in hand , so thats what we do we give you the questions round in our courses to test your knowledge.Its interactive with you and adaptive to you knowledge you need to think and then react to pass these sections within the course.

Pragmatists: This leaner is all about how it works in the real world.They need to know the real value of this and thats where the whole process comes in it relates to every part of the game, it constantly demonstrates its value in the real world.

Overall , we make games for compliance training so that there isn’t this ever existing culture of it as a box ticking exercise.In which the metaphorical (sometimes physical) piece paper with the answers thats handed round the office so you can get back to your desk and the real work.We do this so we can engage with all learning styles and in the long term so you see the value in what your learning!

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