PCF Bank take on the E3 training challenge

PCF are a customer first bank who offer a range of savings products for retail customers throughout the UK, as well as finance products for individual and business customers.  They have helped out over 100,000 customers to date and are continuing to grow. As a company authorised and regulated by the FCA, training is important and they strive to keep training for their team relevant, up to date and engaging. 

When we started talks with PCF, they really wanted to see a change in the way the team saw their compliance training so the compliance department could be confident that staff were up to speed with the firm’s approach and so spend more time developing compliance processes and less time chasing people to complete their training!

Since launching with us in January, PCF have issued various training modules to all staff including Whistleblowing, TCF and Complaints and have seen completion rates of over 90%. 

Slavomira Smith; Head of Compliance at PCF said: “I am so excited.  The training is happening and all I had to do was upload the staff list and tick the box for the training to start. This really is a massive time saver!  Thanks for all your hard work and help on this process so far.”

Paul Hayward; Head of Financial Services at E3 said: “It’s great to see businesses like PCF Bank really adopt our technology into their training.  We are looking forward for the rest of the roll-outs in 2021 and seeing how else we can collaborate to make compliance training engaging and fun!”

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