The virtual reality revolution

But this Month is just a great step in the right direction  to seeing the melding of games and technology together as it sees the release of the Playstation V.R headset! whilst it may not be as big or powerful as some of its Competitors it is priced at a point that can see access to this type of technology an easily accessible point for many mass consumers.

Heres a quick link to an IGN review with a bit more depth and some great videos if you have a free five minutes.

What this really means is that the general public are going to be interacting with V.R in a much more in depth manner which will hopefully see V.R be seen more seriously in its application towards its potential in many fields for example imagine a programmer with 8 screens (I suggest for you to think any sci-fi film with hacking … Matrix) being able to clear his desk of all these screens and where one individual headset with the screens all visible through this device allowing for smaller office spaces or even virtual offices?

We recenetly did a conference demo using V.R as a focal point and it really shows that it may not long from now be a viable method for companies to use.

Lets hope so and that picture is one of use with their preordered copy!

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