Cascade HR to deliver ‘Get GDPR Smart’ app

We have teamed up with the leading HR software provider Cascade HR to deliver Get GDPR Smart – the first app of its kind to be offered by a HR software vendor. Using our innovative, game based platform, the app is designed to provide an engaging way for employees to understand their obligations under the GDPR regulations due to come into force on the 25th May 2018.

The digital platform encourages individuals to think about how the law relates to and affects them. Together with the E3 Insights platform, HR teams at Cascade clients can identify specific topics for which colleagues or departments will require further development.

Cascade have teamed up with E3 to take advantage of the investment made since we launched in our mobile technology and in our research in how to make compliance training engaging and effective. Using the E3 platform removes the need to subject employees to box ticking training.

Cascade product director Paul Sparkes said “Compliance training throughout businesses is what will undoubtedly prove crucial to organisations staying on the right side of the law over the coming years.

“Accountability therefore needs to be acknowledged by everyone and, in many cases, one-off training will not be enough. That’s the reason for this app collaboration – we want to empower HR to develop the knowledge of the entire workforce and use analytics to home in on employees who need ongoing support.”

Available via multiple devices, the self-paced app uses a combination of quickfire questions, games and role play scenarios to try and address GDPR in the most immersive way possible. High scores and leader boards are incorporated into the tool to try and encourage a sense of competitiveness. 

Co Founder of E3 Compliance Training Steve Brett said “we use approaches from mobile games to make training fun and effective. We see that people learn much more when they play and with our approach there is no reason to subject staff to boring training”.

“From webinars to user groups, we believe in making learning as fun and interactive for our clients as possible, even if it’s a step away from the norm,” explains Cascade’s Paul Sparkes. “We hope that this app collaboration will further strengthen the impact of our training – through technology – and add even more value to our software partner offering.”

The app is available on iOS, Android as well as PCs and has been designed to be easy for organisations deploy.

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