Gamification and your pension

Gamification and your pension

It all sounds a little bit strange to envisage your parents or grandparents playing a game to plan their retirement, but that’s where technology and gamification could help if it is applied correctly.

Realistically we aren’t suggesting that they’re going to be playing Tomb Raider to decide their pension plan but, as this article in Money Marketing points out, gamification can add value in unexpected ways.

Any project that could decrease the abandon rates during by 50% would be seen as a success in many organisations. So hearing that by utilising simple gamification techniques in an insurance application had the ability to decrease abandonment rates reinforces the view that gamification techniques can be valuably applied to business problems.

Game based E-learning applied to personal saving helped to create a reward led approach to the consumer, inviting them to gain real life value from their savings by interacting with the game.

The learnings highlighted article have been mirrored through our experiences with compliance training. Student’s learning is moved from simply just answering the questions to engaging and demonstrating real knowledge.