New Courses Launched

New Courses Launched

We have expanded the range of compliance courses we offer with the develpment of five new courses, all with the ability to be individually tailored to fit the exact need of individual customers in a variety of industry sectors.

The new courses are:

  • Whistleblowing - develop an understanding of the procedures in place to help safeguard your company and it’s employees in the situation where someone within the organisations has concerns so they will act on these concerns appropriately.

  • Diversity & Equality - with an every growing diversity in the workplace, employees need to understand and acknowledge the correct protocols when interacting with others in the workplace both socially and professionally.

  • Data Protection - data is an ever present part of day to day life in both online and offline contexts and the procedures around storing data be complex. This course shows an individual how they can fulfil both their obligations and the obligations of their company to the safeguarding of personal data.

  • Cybersecurity - the current digital climate has seen a stark rise in cyber attacks often with devastating outcomes. This course provides employees with up to date knowledge on both cyber attacks and human engineering and what can be done to minimise these risks.

  • FCA Compliance Overview - there are a wide range of obligations when a firm is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This course provides an overview of the obligations for both the firm and all employees.

For more information on any of these courses feel free to get in touch